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Conny Blunt, MD

Conny Blunt, MD

Conny is a medical doctor, consultant anesthetist, and the founder of Ki2energi.

Conny believes happiness and success are natural states; a default setting that can be lived by us all. Over the last decade she has systematically dedicated her work and studies to finding practical applications that reconcile modern sciences and Eastern traditions for well-living in the 21st century. 

The result is The Holistic Life System, a scalable formula that integrates essential teachings, philosophies and practices from masters in their field in the East and in the West. 

Conny’s experiences and qualifications are a blend of East and West traditions too. She is a certified trainer in The Canfield Success Principles and a Fellow of the Royal College of Anesthetists. Conny also holds a diploma in integral sound healing with groups by the Sound Healing Academygong practitioner certificate; leading guided mindfulness meditations; OSHO dynamic meditation™ facilitator; Human Factors Masterclass training; meditation at The Oneness Field-Ekam in Chennai, India; Vipassana Meditation.

Her teachings provide simple, practical steps that can make exceptional health, happiness and success a tangible experience every day for everybody.

Jane Bishop, BWY Dip

Jane Bishop, BWY Dip

Jane is a dedicated Yoga teacher with 25 years’ experience and over 1000 hours of training. She holds a diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga.

Jane has explored many styles of yoga. Each year she studies with Swami Nishchalananda at the Mandala yoga ashram in Carmarthenshire – her heart and spiritual home. It is here that she spent one year practicing KRIYA yoga, which led Jane to teach deep meditation on the chakras with emphasis on Mantra yoga. 

Jane’s classes are grounded in yoga philosophy teaching a holistic way of life. This gives students the opportunity to ‘come home’ to themselves, unlock their dormant potential and apply their deeper understanding in day-to-day life. 

Jane believes in the true healing power of yoga. Anyone can do it, at any age, irrespective of ability or fitness. Now more than ever, in this frenetic pace of life, yoga brings peace, harmony and a sense of inner quiet. It works!



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