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Celebrating The V-WoMan

01-November-2018 0:00
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by Admin

This year, my birthday fell on the same day that Jane and I hosted the last of our nine-part workshop series: “Activate Your Chakras. Rekindle Your Vitality”. This last event truly was a ‘Celebration’ and the perfect present for me.

We concluded nine, jam-packed weeks of countless new tips, tools and techniques to help participants re-set their physiology to greater health, happiness and balance. We learnt how to be in that happy flow state that makes everything feel timeless and effortless – the place where we naturally feel and perform at our best.

Many of the participants worked full-time and some commuted as far as London; juggling work, family and social commitments; caring for relatives, coping with sad news. It felt like we were reconstructing the ship whilst sailing at high winds and maximum knots - and that was part of the challenge. The success of this pilot depended on learning how to slow down and be “energy literate”.

This is neither an easy topic to either explain or to teach. It seems ineffable and requires time, patience and a little bit of imagination – things we can struggle to access in these busy times. (Maybe, that’s why energy literacy is not yet in mainstream education.)

But we did it and we celebrated the emergence of the healthier, happier, more balanced version of ourselves (V-WoMan) with the splendid party we all deserved!  

Illustration: V-WoMan - Represents the healthier, happier, more balanced version of ourselves. Our ki2energi mascot copy-thefted from Leonardo and 21 Century adapted by Lex Kartane to this colourful inclusive image.


The Wishing Well Bromsgrove

Delicious Nearly-Zero Calories Bespoke Vegan Cake created by Yogeeta

Us :) 

So how did this emergence happen? 

A key theme of the workshops was learning how to tune into our body’s Essential Energy. 

Raising Your BODYMINDIQ - BioFeedback 

For example, in this new age of artificial intelligence (AI) and clever phone apps, we can enlist technological help to get our natural feedback mechanisms back on track so they run like biological clockwork (just as they should). In other words, tech can help raise our Bodymind IQ

Here’s how…

You can use sophisticated biofeedback tools to measure all kinds of important physiological functions such as: 

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate and rhythm
  • Heart-rate-variability
  • Brain activity
  • Muscle tone, and 
  • Sensory perception etc.

These bodily processes are vital to our health and vitality. Are you aware how yours operates? 

These measurements give you that information by providing a baseline to show you where you are NOW. 

With a baseline in place, you can assess accurately the impact of a new diet, fitness programme, simple breathing techniques, relaxation or mindfulness practice. Follow something new for at least 21 days (as this gives the neuroplasticity of your body the chance to lock in a new habit to your cellular memory) then use tools to see how things are changing. For example, you can see:

  • How you are trending
  • How your body type is changing
  • How your sympathetic (fight-flight) and parasympathetic (rest-digest) autonomous nervous system equilibrium is recovering
  • How your sleep is becoming deeper and more regular etc.  

But don’t stop there…

The key to biofeedback learning is to pick up and tune into the sensations in your body. These sensations will be subtle and sporadic initially, but with time and practice they’ll become reliable and easily reproducible. At this point, you can dump the technology because you are no longer reliant on numbers. Now your body simply feels fit and gorgeous, your mood is brilliant, and you are having the time of your life every day. 

This is your new baseline reference point and thanks to your sharpened Bodymind IQ your own biofeedback loops can now maintain this state effortlessly because it is imprinted into your physiology, your cellular memory.  

It’s possible to get lost on the growing market of biofeedback apps. You want to reduce your choice to a limited number but emphasise on your practice and pay attention to how your app measurements relate to how you feel. I have only ever used three different apps and found these very helpful. 


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock 

Inner Balance



‘Effortless’ is a Sweet Word - BioEfficiency 

Effortless stands for ‘living with ease’, ‘performing difficult feats with casual mastery‘, ‘gracefully winning victories easily’. And when we are healthy and happy, in our naturally most optimised state, it’s what life feels like - Effortless. We humans are a renewable energy source !!! I mean renewable daily. It’s a principle that we can make work for us. 

Because, left to their own devices, in a natural environment all life processes have an efficiency of 2.5. 

In other words, the work, the growth and the healing achieved by a bio-system is 2.5 times greater than the energy it needs. 

This means our bodies are effortlessly sustained in the highest state of order and organization existent in nature. On the surface, this seems improbable and the law of thermodynamics appears to be reversed.

I only ever remember the opposite of this when cramming the law of thermodynamics (or Law of Entropy) for exams. 

The law of entropy explains how the decrease of energy and the gradual decay of all matter reduces everything to ashes. Energy is lost from a system, transformed into a different form (i.e. heat), until energy equilibrium with the surroundings has made all sophisticated organisation disappear.  

This is how we extract energy from fossil fuels, we simply take it from an already dead system and the overall efficiency never achieves even 1. This highly inefficient process is referred to as ‘positive’ entropy – and it’s what all dying creatures and dead technologies have in common.  

But what’s the opposite of that? It’s ‘negative’ entropy. And in fact, the physics definition of dying is ‘the inability of a system to create ‘negative’ entropy. 

Fortunately, that’s not topical until our last days at the end of our long life (many of us will be centenarians). So, let’s concentrate on being alive, capitalising on our perpetually ‘negative’ and lively entropy. 

And to help us do that, let’s invest our precious time and resources in creating sustainable, life and health promoting lifestyles, industries, technologies, policies, medicines, and materials so we can all thrive in a bio-efficient community.

It brings us back to where we started. As we get our natural bio-feedback mechanisms back on track, so they run like biological clockwork, we come alive with maximum ‘negative’ entropy, living and performing with an efficiency of 2.5 - effortlessly. 

Want to know how you can do this? 

In our next article I will introduce five cornerstones of wholistic techniques – it’s what we teach in our workshops and how you can live a full life now. 

1           Find Balance and Coherence - stilling your bodymind

2          Max Out and Relax - living your functional best 

3          Inspire Creativity - raising your imaginary IQ 

4           Take Effective Action - getting things done 

5          Do Nothing - treating yourself

Soon we will publish our 2019 Ki2-Events Calendar. Stay tuned in and follow our posts on social media.


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