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How To Feel High on Energy High on Life and in Harmony Every Day

01-September-2018 0:00
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Yes, the world is changing at a rapid, no longer comfortable pace.

The UK voted for Brexit, America voted for Trump, and masses of political, economic and environmental migrants are on the move; conflicts continue to happen across our planet as people jostle for power and resources.

Add in our fears surrounding climate change, the ever-growing threat of a recession here at home, and the endemic health crisis of lifestyle diseases and it seems as though nobody is spared.

With all this global chaos, is it any wonder we feel powerless, disillusioned, frustrated – sometimes angry? What can we do to affect these huge external factors? None of the great scientific discoveries and recent technological advancements seems to make up for the confusion we feel.

But what if we’ve got our approach wrong. What if we need to tackle the way these 21st century issues make us feel differently?

More and more people are discovering that the big, lasting changes we want come as a result of minute adjustments in our personal lifestyle. It turns out that the answers we are looking for are very close to home and to our heart.

In particular, we must learn how to navigate the physiology of our emotions. That’s because how you feel about yourself directly influences how you enjoy and experience success in life. It also affects how people and the world around you thrive.

Remember,“Issues get in your [cellular] tissues”.

The things we want aren’t ‘out there’. Instead, they lie inside. It’s where challenges turn into celebrations and failures into successes. It’s where genuine happiness, the clues to create the life you love, and the essence for a peaceful world resides. So until your day-to-day actions are informed by this innate cellular emotional knowledge, you set yourself up for disappointment.

So, how can you develop this inner wisdom? Here’s an equation that may be familiar.

You are E=MC2

Each of us is an enormous energy powerhouse. Whenever you feel passion, what you’re actually feeling is a surge of energy because that’s what you are.

You are E=mc2. Intuition is E=mc2. Passion is E=mc2.

You can call this energy many things. Your passion or your vital energy, your Chi, ‘being in the zone’, your inner genius, your natural talents, your happy flow state – the label may differ, but they’re all describing the same thing.

Eastern cultures have empirically known this energy truth for thousands of years. Finally, modern science is catching up and providing the evidence, the technology and the credibility to make this knowledge and its practical implications accessible to us all.

It can take a bit of getting used to! It’s easy to believe that you’re a physical being because you can see and feel your physical body with your own eyes. It’s harder to acknowledge the energy part, but the facts are undeniable.

First and foremost, you are an energy being. In fact, you’re a mere 0.1% physical. The remaining 99.9% is energy – a truth you’d see with your own eyes if you were to look atyourself under a subatomic microscope.

As the microscope zooms into your microcosm – past the cells, molecules, and atoms to the particle or quantum level you’d see that you are the sum total of 7 billion, billion, billion quanta. And this energy/physical union has huge implications for how you can live in and experience the world.

Eureka on tap!!!

Thanks to your quanta, you can be a physical AND energy being simultaneously – because this is how quanta behave.

While your physical being is rooted in time and space, your energy can be anywhere and everywhere. And this energy is super powerful.

Your energy hasthe intelligence and the reach of a biological internet with access to information that travels at the speed of light and outside of space-time. It’s why you can have a gut instinct, a sixth sense about something, a vivid dream, a flash of imagination or insight, intuition, a premonition, brilliant ideas and even mystic experiences.

Imagine if you could create more of those eureka moments. What would that do for your life? How would it be to able to log into and process vast information in high resolution, technicolour and “psychedelic” detail enabling you to find creative problem-solving strategies, enhance your high-speed decision making and facilitate effective actions?

Fact is, most of us don’t leverage this ability (which we ALL have), simply because we’ve never been shown how to develop our energy awareness. It’s holding us all back because until you learn how to decode, access, and use this part of you, you’ll always stifle your potential. Until you focus your attention on the energy that defines your physical body and in fact the rest of the physical world, you’ll always sell yourself short.

So how can you increase your energy awareness?

The answer is simple practices that help you create inner coherence between your energy physiology and your physical body. It’s what we do at Ki2Energi.

Introducing Ki2energi

With the help of the Holistic Life System, we help interested and ambitious people (like you) increase your energy awareness – so you can access your ‘Essential Energy’ and create the life you want.

The Holistic Life System is a practical formula that will allow you to capitalise on your powerful energy nature. It is a comprehensive guide designed to re-set your physiology so you can move towards balance and harmony – your natural flow state where you feel your best and effortlessly function at your best.

Built around practical tools and practices, this system integrates into your busy life allowing you to see that the key to feeling high on energy, high on life and happy every day is to tune into and maintain an optimized physiology that is in balance.

It’s a simple, effective, and gentle way to feel the way you want to feel and stay in control of your life – even when everything else seems to fall apart. It’s smart living for the 21st century.

To find out more about the Holistic Life System and to start your journey of heightened energy awareness, check out our Experiential Workshops.

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