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Meditations & Sound Baths

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Event Descriptions:

Relaxing Sound Bath

Treat yourself to a Soothing Sound Bath. Take a break from your busy life and find refuge in the atmosphere of the mesmerising sounds of crystal singing bowls, gongs, drum and more. Music is sound and sound has the power to touch you deeply. You listen with your ears and you feel the vibrations in your deepest core, resonating with your inner tune. Whilst you relax, the powerful vibrations reboot your physiology back to balance and harmony, literally giving your molecules a lovely sound massage.

Rhythmic Breathing Meditation

This Rhythmic Breathing Meditation explores the connection between your breathing and the balance of your physiology. The active meditation is followed by a deeply relaxing silent meditation. It is an excellent technique for people who find it difficult to get into meditation. Advanced meditators discover deeper planes of awareness. It leaves you feeling refreshed and energised. We will guide you through this powerful practice.

Popular Mantra & Gong Meditation

Vibration is everything. The vibes you project into the world mirror the experiences, results and opportunities you attract in your life. Your happy vibes make for a wonderful life. In this early morning mantra meditation you immerse yourself in a sound bath of your own voice, your inner natural chord, your feel good vibes. The beauty is that chanting (five times 108 chants in a group) works for everyone. It is not about singing but about mastering your breath and using your voice to find vibrational alignment throughout the natural frequencies of your entire bodymind, bringing you inner peace and balance. 

Mantras are melodic phrases with a positive and life affirming meaning. At its simplest the word Om serves as a Mantra. We choose well-known Mantras from Sanskrit, the oldest language known to man. The first active part of the meditation is followed by an integrating meditation that is deepened by the beat of the Pluto gong. 

Resonating in tune with your own nature can be a profoundly unifying, uplifting and often life changing experience. It is a brilliant start to your Sunday. 

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